Far to Go

Far to Go

The Man Booker Prize finalist Far to Go by acclaimed author Alison Pick is historical fiction at its very best.

When Czechoslovakia relinquishes the Sudetenland to Hitler, the powerful influence of Nazi propaganda sweeps through towns and villages like a sinister vanguard of the Reich's advancing army. A fiercely patriotic secular Jew, Pavel Bauer is helpless to prevent his world from unraveling as first his government, then his business partners, then his neighbors turn their back on his affluent, once-beloved family. Only the Bauers' adoring governess, Marta, sticks by Pavel, his wife, Anneliese, and their little son, Pepik, bound by her deep affection for her employers and friends. But when Marta learns of their impending betrayal at the hands of her lover, Ernst, Pavel's best friend, she is paralyzed by her own fear of discovery—even as the endangered family for whom she cares so deeply struggles with the most difficult decision of their lives.

Interwoven with a present-day narrative that gradually reveals the fate of the Bauer family during and after the war, Far to Go is a riveting family epic, love story, and psychological drama.

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    Far to Go Reviews

  • Elyse Walters

    "There were families in England who gave up everything they had, and often what they did not have, to offer a tiny traveler some kind of home. There are stories of love and heartbreaking humanity‚Äď ‚...

  • Jaidee

    4.5 " unbelievably sad and beautiful" stars !! 8th Favorite Read of 2015 Ms. Pick's book "Far to Go" was long listed for the 2011 booker prize and won the Canadian Jewish Book Prize for fiction that s...

  • Violet wells

    I was enjoying this until I realised the author was writing a different novel to the one I wanted to read, was following characters I wasn't interested in. There were clues early on that this was goin...

  • Wilma

    Hartverscheurend...heftig...ontroerend...De kindertransporten vanuit Tsjechi√ę naar Engeland. In uiterste wanhoop brachten ouders het grootste offer dat denkbaar is...hun kinderen te laten gaan...hun ...

  • Athira (Reading on a Rainy Day)

    Imagine if a war is brewing around you, but you don't have the knowledge of WW2, its history, causes, and its ultimate two tragedies (the Holocaust and the atom bombings) and their repercussions. Imag...

  • Chrissie

    DEFINITELY NO SPOILERS!!!This has been difficult to achieve. ETA: I admit defeat. I only want to give this book three stars, and I do not quite now why. The book was perfectly executed. It kept me rea...

  • Snow White

    Very touching and well-executed book. Recommended....

  • The Book Whisperer (aka Boof)

    Once in a while a book comes along that unexpectidly blows you away. This is that book.Far to Go is set in Czechoslovaki in 1938, just before the outbreak of WW2. Pavel and Anneliese Bauer live with t...

  • Elaine

    Very competently put together -- but lacked the emotional power of the Invisible Bridge, another recent book that similarly drew on family history to illuminate a particular corner of the Holocaust an...

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)

    I read this because it was on the long list for the Man Booker Prize in 2011. If I was voting, I'd pick this as one of the books for the short list. It tells a compelling story of secular Jews in Czec...