More than 'JUST' Friends

More than 'JUST' Friends


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Jay Wylett: Army Officer, Strong, Charismatic, Perfect. 

Also, the man I love. 

Wait…did I just say love? 

In love with a military man? 

No way! 

Well, this can’t happen. 

I can’t get into the love boat, 

For me it’s a sinking ship. 

And to prevent myself from drowning, 

I agree to a ‘just friends’ kind of arrangement, 

The problem? 

I think, I am falling for Jay, 

And this relationship is turning out to be ‘more than just friends.’ 

Suddenly, I’m convincing myself that everything’s going to work out just fine, 

Even the baby that we made together!

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  • Misty Goan

    A fantastic well written romance story. This engaging storyline is interesting and kept me engaged throughout. It includes some drama, revelations, uncertainty, patience, passion, speculation, PTSD, m...

  • Rochelle

    I liked this story. I liked Jay and Naomi as a couple. They started as friends and then they decided to start dating. They had a few dates but decided to go their separate ways. They are able to find ...

  • Jamie Lee Zonneveld

    More than 'JUST' Friends by Mia Ford. The writing was good as always and I liked the story but not a lot. About 75% of the book I was angry with the female main character. I just hated how she behaved...

  • ??Hannah??

    Jay really was the only reason I kept reading this. I never really came to like Naomi. She knew she liked Jay but constantly turned him away. Then after telling him she didn't want to date anyone she ...

  • Tammy

    Jay and Naomi meet and sparks fly but when Naomi gets pregnant, she gets scared. Will they find their way back to each other? Fast-paced read with lots of drama and emotion. I really felt for the char...

  • Nate

    I loved Jay & Naomi's story. Great characters. I was pulled in by the first page. Wonderful, fun book. I'm voluntarily leaving an honest review for a copy of the book via booksprout....

  • Shelly Wolf

    A great read by Mia Ford ,,,, Jay Wylett 30, is in the Army,,,, he has been stationed at 6 different bases and is currently in Fort Campbell in Kentucky for the last 3 weeks or so,,,, he was wanted a...

  • Karen Nastasio

    Omg this book drove me crazy with different emotions but in a good sort of way, Jay Wylett is a military man through and through but now as he gets older he looking for that special person to fall in ...

  • Shannon Patterson

    Seriously Complicated!!This book is a military romance, it reads a bit like a second chance story except since the two main characters aren't officially together is it really?Jay is a career military ...

  • Judy

    This is love story about Jay, a career military man who suffers from PTSD, at a new post enjoying new his job and learning his new environment. Naomi is a veterinary and has come out of a bad relation...