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ABOUT THIS SERIES:**Please note this book is dark romance and deals with adult themes. Recommended for mature readers only** This story unfolds over five volumes. Every ebook has links to enter chances to WIN Sterling Silver Biker Pendants.

Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious...

Abigail Black has to trust someone. And she hopes to God she makes the right choice in James St. John. There's discord in the Savage Souls and her body is paying the ultimate price, but each death is like a bandage to her wounded heart.

St. John can see Abigail is being pushed to the limits. She can't hide the pain and loathing in her eyes--at least not from him--but begging her to flee falls on deaf ears. Her mission is more important than her life. Something he understands very well. But he has his own demons to exorcise. A dirty fed, a serial killer, and disloyal bikers are more than enough to keep him busy, but it's Abigail who occupies his mind, and he's afraid she's starting to occupy his heart.

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  • Wendy Hodges

    Still dark, violent and lots of abuse. This series is the most extreme biker series I have read, I prey that in real life they are not quite as bad as this. So far I haven't seen any but a tiny glimme...

  • l myers

    Wow, this series just keeps getting wilder and more vicious as it goes.I'm not sure I'm brave enough to read the next book. I might truly have nightmares. If you like mean, evil, perverted people and ...

  • Carien

    Not for the feint of heart and definitely only for an adult audience!What an absolutely unexpected next episode. I cannot get my head around how much Abigail is willing to go through. At the same time...

  • Karen Raines

    I'm on the edge of my seat here people! I honestly don't know which bit had me hooked more - Abigail's strength of conviction or the inner struggle of James! thank goodness part four downloaded today!...

  • Heather  Talbot

    The plot thickens and leaves you wanting answersAnother great installment to the series. This book has it all. Bikers, law enforcement, sex, mystery, murder and plenty more to keep you turning the pag...